2010 De Tomaso Ghepardo Concept is a four-door coupe that draws. That’s design study concept from former DeTomaso vehicles like the Pantera and Mangusta, as well as the idea that fine Italian automobiles (burning to the ground or not), need to be custom-tailored much like a suit.


As with many former De Tomaso cars, the Ghepardo Concept powered by a Ford-sourced engine; in this case, it would be a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 cranked up to 465 horsepower or four 80+ kW wheel-mounted motors (also good for a theoretical 450+ horsepower) that are powered by methanol fuel cells in the trunk.

Style and use full, the car has something called “bottom windows” for the purpose of “[increasing] the rear passengers’ perception of speed”, while the rear doors are gullwing units that also function as the boot lids.

2010-detomaso-ghepardo-concept-front-top-view 2010-detomaso-ghepardo-concept-front-side-view 2010-detomaso-ghepardo-concept-side-view 2010-detomaso-ghepardo-concept-top-view