Toyota Presents New SUV

Toyota presents the fifth generation of the car Sport utility vehicle (SUV) which 4Runner. Fifth generation 4Runner is believed to be more athletic, has a higher power and fuel consumption better than its predecessor.
Toyota 4Runner newest exhibit at the Dallas U.S.. In a press release, Toyota said the interior design changes and a unique cargo area to make new 4Runner is more agile, comfortable and versatile than ever.


4Runner has come since 25 years ago, and for that reason, already famous for its 4Runner integration of comfort and technology.

“The fifth generation 4Runner has evolved into one-size truck-based cars the most recent high,” said Group Vice President and General Manager Bob Carter Toyota Division.

The car that was born for this offroad heavier than the Toyota Highlander and more versatile than the FJ Cruiser. 4Runner also has a strong body and a high resistance so convenient to take to off-road.

There are 3 models with a choice 4Runnerd engine 4.0-liter V6 (with 270 hp and torque of 278 lb-ft) and 2.7-liter engine 4 cylinder (157 hp with torque of 178 lb-ft).

Fuel consumption for the 4.0-liter engine expected to be sped up to 17 mpg on urban roads and 23 mpg out of town for 4×2 models. Whereas for 4×4 models can go up to 17 mpg in the city and 22 mpg in the city.

While for the 4 cylinder engine can go up to 18 mpg in the city and 23 mpg in the city.

Want to Know, Famous Brand 20 in the UK?

Thanks to James Bond, secret agent legendary playboy who also successfully describes Aston Martin as the coolest brand.
Because of the Bond for 3 consecutive years Aston Martin coolest brand in the UK based on annual surveys conducted collbrands.

But the era of Aston Martin is now fading. So what better brand of Aston Martin’s cool? Turns out there. That is a device the iPhone gadget, which this year has displaced position of the brand Aston Martin as the coolest in the UK.

Survey conducted on 2500 respondents, which eventually reduced to 20 coolest brands, which are determined based on the panelists as DJ Edith Bowman and Adam & Eve as a founding partner James Murphy.

From the 20th coolest brand list is, it seems that no other car brand oriented to men other than Aston Martin, but there was Ferrari who sat on the rank 15.

Here’s a chronological list of the top 20 coolest brands in the UK:
1. iPhone
2. Aston Martin
3. Apple
4. iPod
5. Nintendo
6. YouTube
7. BlackBerry
8. Google
9. Bang & Olufsen
10. PlayStation 3
11. Xbox
12. Tate Modern
13. Dom Perignon
14. Virgin Atlantic
15. Ferrari
16. Sony
17. Mini
18. Vivienne Westwood
19. Rolex
20. BBC iPlayer


Hyundai Equus Pride Car Anti bullet South Korea

President of South Korea (Korea) Lee Myung-Bak will be the first to feel the car bulletproof result of South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Equus.

As quoted tradingmarkets, car manufacturers from South Korea is also believed South Korean government to make 3 units bulletproof limousine devoted to protect the president’s 68-year-old.

Lee himself was only choose one of three cars are bulletproof limousine version of Equus results Hyundai Motor Co. manufacturers.


The success of Hyundai makes bulletproof car that marks the end use bulletproof cars made in America and Germany for the president.

Hyundai officials said that it deserved the South Korean leader to use domestic-made cars. And he insists if Hyundai was able to make bulletproof cars and is suitable for protecting the president.

“That has been consistent since the status of South Korea as the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world, it’s time for Lee to drive the president produced in the country,” said Hyundai officials.

He also added that only a handful of car manufacturers in the world who can make a bulletproof car. Car manufacturers, among others, BMW, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz.

Parties Hyundai also claims to build a car for the purposes of
presidency, then the vehicle will enhance the country brands when South Korea was appointed to host the G20 next year.

However, until the story was passed down the Hyundai Motor Co. are reluctant to give details of the president’s car, including pictures of the car was not disclosed for security reasons.

Drag Toyota Prius and Camry Large-Magnitude

Because of the car carpet, Japanese automakers, Toyota was forced to make large-scale withdrawal of his car on the market. Nearly 4 million cars that pulled the rug problematic.
Especially the cabin floor mats located under the driver’s seat can come loose and baggy. This carpet can be pulled off the gas pedal deeply accidentally. As a result the risk of accidents increases. At least 5 people already have died from the incident.

As quoted by Reuters, at least there are 3.8 million cars Toyota drawn. The cars that enter the recall list are cars that are marketed in the U.S..


The cars are pulled by any car in the U.S. top the best-selling car hybrip Toyota Prius and Toyota’s car-selling Camry sedan, as well as some Lexus models.

“Withdrawal is very important, for the salvation of all, we urge car users to pull the rug car,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Toyota’s recall involves the 2007-2010 model year Camry, Toyota Avalon (2005-2010), Toyota Prius (2004-2009), Toyota Tacoma (2005-2010), Toyota Tundra (2007-2010), the Lexus ES350 (2007-2010) and Lexus IS250 and Lexus IS350.
Toyota and the U.S. government will do research on this issue.

Hyundai Miss. 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

The impact of a global recession still appears to haunt some of the world’s car manufacturers. Also illustrated by the most famous car company from South Korea, Hyundai Motor Co..

As a result, Hyundai Motor Co. can not waltz into one of the most prestigious automotive events in Japan the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 which took place at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan due to the decline of the global economy that is still felt.


“Hyundai Motor Co. will not be one of the official exhibitor at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 as the global economic downturn. As a global recession also Hyundai makes more careful to use the funds, “said Hyundai.

In addition to Hyundai, car manufacturers GM, Ford, Volkswagen and BMW also claimed back from the Tokyo Motor Show 2009. GM and Ford since the beginning of February 2009 declared absent from the Tokyo Motor Show.

Looks like the Tokyo Motor Show will be an excellent show off the host car manufacturers in this case the Japanese car company.

Prepare Honda Cr-Z At the Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Major automobile manufacturers from Japan, Honda Motor Co. began ranting their cars will display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

As quoted from the official site Honda, hybrid variant of the latest Honda CR-Z will take part in the event the Tokyo Motor Show (TMC) which will be held.

This appearance seemed to give a sign and could be a sort of handle for potential demand. Understandably, Honda had planned to sell these products in bulk in February 2010.

That’s why looking CR-Z concept which will be on display at TMC this may not be much different from the CR-Z looks they will spend next year.

Hybrid engine bonnet is immersed in the CR-Z itself is a combination of 1.5-liter capacity engine with four-cylinder that will chime with the technology Integrated Motor Assist (IMA).

Honda also hopes to be out product that has a very sporty appearance is on the market, the second largest company in Japan that can break a long giant Toyota is dominating the hybrid segment with their Prius.


Electric Cars From Honda For TMS

If most of the manufacturers are always out their concept cars in the
elegant appearance, sporty and modern, it was tried in the production of the Honda.

For the second-largest manufacturer in Japan it plans to issue one of their concept electric car with a funny face and the impression is very strong retro that they named Honda EV-N concept.

Cub having a certain model car is expected to be filling a corner booth in the arena Honda Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) which will be held.


Honda EV-N concept will be coupled with the Honda FCX Clarity at a Honda corner booth.

And when we see the appearance of the Honda EV-N concept, the ancient sense of retro alias is already well reflected by a strong impression that arise cute hood applications thanks to the flat and the head lamp lights that tend to round.

With this performance, Honda EV-N concept could be said to be electric cars the most unique of all the electric cars ever introduced. This appearance was found also reminds us of the ancient-looking Mini Morris.